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Customer Stories: Samuel Leach

In the first in a series focusing on our customers, we speak to Samuel Leach of Samuel & Co Trading – a successful financial trader who had made his first million by the time he was 24. Now 26, he has his own company, 116,000 followers on Instagram and is on his fourth supercar purchase from Redline. Samuel launched a new cryptocurrency – Yield Coin – on 1st March 2018.

Hi Samuel – first things first, how did you get started in business?

I started paper trading (virtual stock trading where no money changes hands) at the age of 18 and then when I was at university I used that knowledge to turn my £2,000 student loan into £170,000 trading for real online. Not something that I would necessarily recommend, but it worked for me!

What was your motivation?

My parents come from a working class background, and I grew up wanting to live life to the full and enjoy my freedom, doing what I wanted instead of the daily 9-5 grind my parents had experienced. I realised that success would enable me to achieve that, so it’s ironic that I now work 7am-7pm – but I love it!

What is your ultimate ambition, and where do you see yourself in another 26 years time?

Although money isn’t my ultimate motivation, I’d like  to build my business into a £Billion organisation before I’m 29. In 26 years time I’d like to think that I’d made a difference to the world. For example, I’m working on a project that could help end the trading of blood diamonds through the use of blockchain technology.

What was your first car?

My first car was a dark red Renault Clio which I had for two to three years. I eventually traded up to a Zetec Fiesta and thought I was King Of The Road! My first new car was a Mercedes A-Class which I thought was fantastic until I got my next car which was an Audi R8 V10.

What’s in your current fleet?

Porsche 911 Turbo S and a Bentley Continental both of which I bought from Redline. I did have a Huracan, but it just wasn’t practical day-to-day.

What would be your ultimate car?

I like the cars I have, but I suppose if I had to choose something really spectacular it would be the Porsche 918. I hate to say it, but for me a car has to be practical….

What influences you to buy the cars that you do?

I guess manufacturer marketing does influence me, but the biggest drivers for me are word-of-mouth recommendations from the people I know who have owned a lot of cars!

How did you end up buying your cars from us at Redline?

See above! A friend of mine knew Rob (Milner – Managing Director) and suggested I speak to him. Since that first purchase I know pretty much the whole team. If I want a new car now I just check the Redline website or call you and change the car. If I’m honest I just go by the photos! I’ve had four cars from Redline now and the service is impeccable –  I’m dealing with real people who care about their customers, so why go anywhere else?

What other luxuries do you like to indulge in apart from cars?

It’s really just cars. I spend most of my time in the office or driving to and from it, so having a nice car is the best way for me to enjoy the fruits of my labour. You might as well enjoy your commuting time!

Cryptocurrencies – aren’t there loads of  those already?

Yes, there are, but we intend Yield Coin to actually be used for day-to-day financial transactions rather than just for speculative investment which is what most people use them for right now. Also, many existing crypto providers have no track record in the financial sector.

For example, customers could pay for cars at Redline using Yield Coin, and at the point of transaction it will be exchanged into Redline’s accepted currency. The fact that people and organisations will actually use Yield Coin rather than just speculate on it will give it liquidity and remove the risk and volatility associated with other cryptocurrencies. Yield Coin will connect the bricks and mortar world together with crypto payment solutions.

How is it going?

We’ve been working on this night and day since November. One of our team members, Matthew Wright, is a leading digital blockchain developer and architect from Tencent, the 4th largest public company in the world.

Yield Coin helps businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments without having to worry about the massive volatility swings in the market. Yield Coin has already partnered with multiple businesses and is looking to implement this into many more in the coming months. The team are also are working with one of the top FCA compliance firms in the UK to ensure they adopt a proactive approach to any future regulations regarding ICOs.

Yield Coin went to ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on 1st March and we raised over $2,000,000 in the first 24 hours so it’s looking good.

Wow! Good luck and thanks for your business.

Click to find out more about Yield Coin.


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