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Ferrari custom supercars

A unique new Ferrari was spotted at this year’s Ferrari Finali Mondiale in Daytona last weekend – reportedly called the SP275 RW. Ferrari has made no comment on the model but it’s not hard to guess that it has come from Ferrari’s Special Projects division – hence the SP moniker – and has been built for a very special Ferrari client.



Like other Ferrari Special Projects such as the F60 America and the F12 TRS this new car appears to be based on the existing F12 which boasts a 730 bhp 6.3 litre normally-aspirated V12 powerplant and the same brakes as the LaFerrari. The louvres incorporated into the design suggest that this car may even be based on the even more extreme F12 TdF (Tour De France) which produces another 40 BHP. The F12 TdF is a limited run of 799 cars allegedly created to pacify unhappy Ferraristi who failed to secure a LaFerrari.


The SP275 RW joins a growing number of unique or limited edition Ferrari. The marque has been manufacturing customer specials for many years but as personalisation becomes more accessible and important to VIP customers the number grows. The F60 America – also based on the F12 – was a roofless limited run of 10 cars originally shown in NART livery and believed to have cost $2.5 million dollars.



The 2014 F12 TRS was a one-off barchetta design that made its first public appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Taking inspiration from the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, the TRS has stripped back interior like the iconic race car. Expect this to have cost significantly more than the F60 America…




Ferrari have also based a number of specials on the Ferrari 458 Italia including a hommage to the Ferrari 512 BB built for rock legend Eric Clapton – the SP12 EC – and the stunning Ferrari 458 MM.


Don’t expect any of these cars to come to the market anytime soon – if and when they do you can expect to join a very long queue of potential buyers.


Image credits: Wikimedia Commons


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